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The Fearless Generation

The Fearless Generation

AARP wanted to connect with 49 year olds, a group that doesn't consider themselves even close to "senior citizen."

If you were a kid in the late 60s and 70s, your childhood was downright dangerous

Bike helmets, seat belts, toys without lead paint, sunblock, helicopter parents, ubiquitous "no-smoking" signs, hitchhiking's association with serial killers: all things that didn't exist when you were a kid. Congratulations on surviving your 9th birthday!  Lawn darts!? Seriously? 

And now, you've made it to 50. No, we're not saying you're old. But you're finally at the age to relive those carefree days and reap the benefits. Check out AARP. Hop on a flight with an AARP discount, jump in a rental car (with an AARP discount) and go for a joy-ride. Just wear your seatbelt this time. 

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